We Are Angels
by: Clementina Angeli

The book We Are Angels is the story of how my angel visits and three near-death experiences shaped my life from childhood to adulthood.  My connection with angels has led me to a place of forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, healing, and tranquility. I share this account to honor the Spirit within my experiences. I do realize that everyone’s path is different and It is not my intention to be emulated. It is my wish to let the readers know that the same options are available to everyone.  My purpose in writing this book is to help others to walk their own path without fear of death and with the knowledge that truly we are angels.


We Are Angels is a 222 page softcover book that can be autographed andmailed directly to you. Pay by picking it up from Tina or simply click the paypal icon and transfer the $23.00 there.      

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